Polybit is your market leader"

Obsessed with quality our investment team works to find the best performing funds. With only 5% passing the test, plans offered on the Polybit platform have a way higher return than the average company can offer. Our advanced platform allows us to offer minimums starting from 1$ and helps bring liquidity to an otherwise illiquid asset class.

Investing through traditional institutions is cumbersome and can take several weeks. Polybit has digitalised the process so that you can invest within minutes while complying with regulations. With Polybit, qualified individual investors can now access top-tier private equity funds and gain the benefits of a more diversified portfolio than ever before.

The Polybit team combines experienced private equity veterans and digital natives from top technology companies. This hybrid vigor allows us to streamline what used to be a cumbersome, paper-based process into a fluid and fully digital experience.

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